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We take a two-week River Cruise

(Last updated: May 13, 2020)


In April 2022, Gail and Russell set out on a 14-day river cruise around the world from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Budapest, Hungary. Our vessel was the Viking longship Vili. We hope you have as much fun reading about our adventures as we had experiencing them!

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May 13, 2022: Viking Cruises: Ocean or River?
May 12, 2022: To Live and Dine in Budapest
May 11, 2022: Budapest, Hungary: Extended Excursions
May 10, 2022: Budapest, Hungary: An Ode to Freedom
May 9, 2022: Budapest, Hungary: Dead Can Dance
May 8, 2022: Budapest, Hungary: Victims of the Change
May 7, 2022: Budapest, Hungary: A Smooth Transition from Ship to Shore
May 6, 2022: The Viking Vili River Longship: A Photo Album
May 5, 2022: Budapest, Hungary: A Sensational Sail-in and Send-off
May 4, 2022: Vienna, Austria Day 2: Further Adventures
May 3, 2022: Vienna, Austria: The World’s Greatest Outdoor Museum
May 2, 2022: Melk, Austria: A Visit to Melk Abbey
May 1, 2022: Passau, Germany: A Confluence of Rivers and Borders
April 30, 2022: Regensburg, Germany: The Best of the Wurst
April 29, 2022: The Rhine-Main-Danube Canal: Crossing the Continental Divide
April 29, 2022: Nuremberg, Germany: “The Most German of German Cities”
April 28, 2022: Bamberg, Germany: “Franconian Rome”
April 27, 2022: Würzburg, Germany: Carpe Diem and Memento Mori
April 26, 2022: Miltenberg, Germany: Welcome to Bavaria!
April 25, 2022: The Romantic Rhine
April 25, 2022: Koblenz, Germany: Marksburg Castle
April 24, 2022: Cologne, Germany: A Cathedral, Chocolate, Cranes, Keys, and (of course) Cologne
April 23, 2022: Kinderdijk, the Netherlands: Windmills and Wheels
April 22, 2022: Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Welcome aboard Viking Vili
April 20, 2022: We are off on a river cruise!

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