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We take a 131-day World Cruise

(Last updated: March 22, 2020)


In January 2020, Gail and Russell set out on a 131-day cruise around the world from San Francisco back to San Francisco. Our vessel was the Regent Seven Seas Mariner. Two months in, the coronavirus outbreak brought the cruise industry and the entire world to a standstill. Instead of world trippers, we were suddenly world wanderers. We hope you have as much fun reading about our adventures as we had experiencing them!

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San Francisco to Papeete: Hula Drums & Ukulele Strings

January 22, 2020: Around the World in 131 Days
January 23, 2020: San Francisco: And So Our Adventure Begins
January 24, 2020: All Aboard! (Russell)
January 24, 2020: And We’re Off! Sort of… (Gail)
January 26, 2020: Where’s My Stuff?
January 29, 2020: Life on Board (Part One – It’s Early Yet)
January 30, 2020: Honolulu: Aloha!
January 30, 2020: The USS Arizona Memorial
January 31, 2020: Honolulu: The Atlantis Submarine
February 1, 2020: Kahului, Maui
February 2, 2020: Hilo: Super Sunday
February 4, 2020: The Best – and Worst – Home Office in the World
February 5, 2020: Crossing the Equator
February 7, 2020: Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia
February 7, 2020: Nuku Hiva: The Rest of the Story
February 9, 2020: Fakarava: Awards Night
February 10, 2020: Moorea: “I Touched an Eel!”

Papeete to Sydney: Pink Hibiscus & Blue Mountains

February 11, 2020: Papeete: Turnaround Day
February 12, 2020: Bora Bora: Shark & Stingray Snorkel
February 15, 2020: Island Hopping
February 17, 2020: The International Date Line and Other Rendezvous
February 18, 2020: Lautoka, Fiji: Thermal Mud Pool and Hot Springs (Russell)
February 18, 2020: Lautoka, Fiji: Good Dirty Fun (Gail)
February 19, 2020: Suva, Fiji: Navua River by Longboat
February 20, 2020: Man Makes Plans and Coronavirus Laughs
February 22, 2020: Auckland, New Zealand: An Evening in Middle Earth
February 24, 2020: Tauranga, New Zealand: A Day in the Shire (Russell)
February 24, 2020: Hey Old Friends (Gail)
February 25, 2020: Napier, New Zealand: Art Deco Highlights
February 26, 2020: Wellington, New Zealand: Street Art (Gail)
February 26, 2020: Wellington, New Zealand: In the Footsteps of the Lord of the Rings (Russell)
February 28, 2020: And Now, a Word from the Department of Health
February 29, 2020: Sydney, Australia: A Day at the Opera (House)

Sydney to Perth: Aussie Discovery

March 1, 2020: Sydney, Australia: Walkabout
March 2, 2020: Sydney, Australia: The Queen Victoria Building
March 3, 2020: The Magical Mystery Tour
March 4, 2020: Burnie (Tasmania), Australia: Critters and a Cave
March 6, 2020: Geelong, Australia: Everything We Ever Wanted to Know About Sheep
March 7, 2020: Good-bye Italy… Hello Turkey and Greece?
March 7, 2020: Phillip Island, Australia: Koalas (at last!)
March 8, 2020: Portland, Australia: Koalas (wild ones this time!)
March 9, 2020: Not Adelaide, Australia: A Walk on the Beach
March 10, 2020: Adelaide, Australia: Hahndorf and the Heroes of Terrinoth
March 11, 2020: Kangaroo Island, Australia: Burnt but Still Beautiful
March 12, 2020: Good-bye, Middle East and Europe… Hello Africa and South America?
March 12, 2020: Port Lincoln, Australia: More Wool and Wildlife
March 13, 2020: Further Considerations, Further Deliberations
March 14, 2020: The Great Escape
March 15, 2020: Good-bye Esperance, Albany and Busselton… Hello Fremantle
March 16, 2020: As the World Turns
March 17, 2020: Fremantle, Australia: Farewell Mariner

Western Australia

March 18, 2020: Perth, Australia: Kings Park
March 19, 2020: The Odyssey (Australia version)
March 20, 2020: The Long Journey Home
March 21, 2020: And Now, the Rest of the Story… (Gail)
March 21, 2020: San Francisco, California: Coming in for a Landing (Russell)
March 22, 2020: Glencoe, California: Sheltering in Place

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