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Our 2001-2002 Trip around the World

In July 2001, Russell, Gail, and our children Cameron (10) and Joss (8) embarked on a one-year trip around the world.  For this "once-in-a-lifetime" adventure, we took one suitcase and one backpack each, walked out of our front door, and did not return again until twelve months later.

This Web site chronicles our world trip with hundreds of letters and photographs.  We hope you have as much fun reading about our adventures as we had experiencing them. 

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July 16, 2001: The day we left home
July 5, 2002: The day we returned 
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Cook Islands (Rarotonga) Jul 17, 2001 to Jul 26, 2001
New Zealand Jul 26, 2001 to Aug 12, 2001
Australia Aug 12, 2001 to Sep 15, 2001
China Sep 15, 2001 to Oct 6, 2001
Mauritius Oct 7, 2001 to Oct 14, 2001
Tanzania Oct 15, 2001 to Nov 7, 2001
France Nov 8, 2001 to Feb 16, 2002
Italy Feb 16, 2002 to Mar 15, 2002
Central Europe Mar 16, 2002 to Apr 29, 2002
United Kingdom & Ireland Apr 29, 2002 to Jun 19, 2002
United States of America Jun 19, 2002 to Jul 5, 2002

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