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Washington D.C. (June 25, 2002)

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We've finally got here: the United States. A year ago I thought that I would blow up on the flight back. I didn't.

We had to take a flight from Dublin to London, then from London to Washington D.C. It felt odd going on a plane again, and this one was for eight hours.

Once we landed, I felt fine until we got out of the plane. Then I melted. It was so hot and humid compared to cold Ireland. We got here very late, and we were all under attack from jet lag. When we got to our hotel, it felt very cold because of the air-conditioning. Our new 'house' has a kitchen, a bedroom with a television, a sofa-bed/ living room with a television, and a bathroom with a bathtub. That's why I call it our "house", because it is really huge (we've been staying in B&Bs for the last month).

Every time I walk around for a long time and then go into a building, it feels very nice. When we made our first excursion out to the White House, I was getting every bit of shade I could. When we walked into the Kennedy Center, Joss collapsed on the bench.

One thing that I didn't know about Washington D.C. is that it has a metro system. Joss and I are allowed to get our own tickets by using the machines. Everywhere that we go, the tickets seem to cost $1.10.

In Washington, there are 11 Smithsonian Museums. We went to the Air and Space Museum, and it was really fun. Joss wanted to do the flight simulator, so we all got into groups of two, and we flew around.

At the "How things fly" section, there were lots of activities on how wings on a plane work, vacuum, and other things. Joss got to second place at the paper airplane contest. We had to fold our plane a certain way and attach three paper clips at different places on a plane to help it fly better and then fly it through a hoop. It was fun.

We found our way to the IMAX Theater (still in the museum) and saw the Space Station movie in 3-D. It was about the space station astronauts are building in space. It was really cool because it was in 3-D.

We took a short hike to the Museum of Natural History. There is a big elephant in the entrance room. It seemed bigger than the ones we saw in Tanzania, but that was probably because we were in a truck when we saw one up close. We watched another Imax movie, called T-Rex. It was also fun, but I liked the Space Station one better.

We looked at the dinosaur section and there were lots of fossils and bones. I looked through the sea section and it told the history of it like a play: the animals and creatures are the actors, the sea is the stage; things like that.

We walked up the stairs to the Insect Zoo. On the way there, we passed through another section. It had frog skeletons. I didn't know that frogs' skeletons looked so weird. We also saw Hyrax skeletons, and that was really weird, after seeing the live creatures.

All there was to see at the Insect Zoo was bugs, bugs, bugs, and I didn't find it too interesting. We went down two flights of stairs to the Tricera shop, the dinosaur shop, and while I looked at some board games Joss made some dinosaur puppets try to eat me. Joss is a very odd human.

The third Smithsonian museum that we went to was the Museum of American History. We saw a big American flag, a statue of George Washington wearing roman clothes, and other stuff. I liked the Computer section a lot because it was fun to see how computers started really huge and began shrinking, and there were some examples of what television shows and commercials used to be like.

We took a night tour of the monuments. We saw things like the Lincoln Memorial and some other statues. By the time we were done I was almost asleep!

I liked visiting Washing D.C. because there were lots of fun things to do, like see a skeleton of a prehistoric ground sloth and see Apollo 11. It was interesting to see our capitol and explore it.


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