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Switzerland (November 13, 2001)

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Switzerland is an extremely cheesy land. We visited Genève, Switzerland's second largest city. It is a lot like Quebec, only not everybody speaks French. The Swiss people do not have their own language, and they speak French, German, and Italian. We went to the old part of Genève and visited an old cathedral. Then we went back out to the cold outdoors to get lunch. We ended up getting crêpes. Joss kept begging to have a chocolate crêpe. We then went back to the cathedral for two reasons: one, it was warm, two, because there were two large towers to look at. We went in to the North Tower, and Joss, seeing the long, winding staircase, wasn't quite sure that he wanted to go on. But we went anyway. Up, up, and up the stairs went. They became very steep after a while, and I was glad for the railing. We finally reached the top and saw the bell tower. Deciding that there was not much more to see there than some pictures of trumpets, we went back down. I was exhausted by the time we reached the bottom, and nearly had my eyes popping out my head when dad suggested going up the South Tower. I did it anyway. The staircase was even steeper than the first one. We reached the top, and got the same view. Then we went back down.

We then visited the Château de Chillon. It was the first time I had ever been in a real castle, and it was a real maze. We saw guard towers, eating halls, churches, the moat, an old fire wagon and a lot of weapons and armor. It was very exciting. We even got to see secret passages!

The last main thing we saw was a Cheese Factory in Gruyères. Joss, a real cheese lover, continuously asked "How come I don't smell cheese? If I don't smell cheese soon then this isn't a cheese factory!" We ate lunch, then went on the tour. We each took a small device that looked strangely like telephones. Dad told us to push 4-4-4 for the English version. Then he told us to push 10 to start the tour. I did that, and I heard a strange voice talking. Mom told us to push the number 1 instead. I did that, and I found out that it had been a cow named Cherry talking. We learned about cheese and cheesemaking. Going to Switzerland was a very fun experience.


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