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Paris (December 25, 2001)

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Paris, like everywhere else, is very cold. When we arrived in Paris, Mom and Dad said that it would not be much longer before we got to our hotel, Residence Kléber. We drove around for about half an hour looking for it, with no luck. Dad finally asked someone where it was, and they said that they had never heard of it. We finally found the place, which had recently switched names to Pierre et Vacances. We went up to our apartment and settled in.

The next day we went to the Metro station. The Metro is like a normal train, except that it travels underground. We went to see the Eiffel Tower (While Dad was taking a picture he had to lie on the ground to get the entire Eiffel Tower in it). We went up to the second floor and had lunch with some pigeons. Next we went to the Arc de Triomphe. We then went to Notre Dame and climbed 387 spiral stairs (it seems like a lot but if we could do the Sun Yat Sen Memorial, we could do this) to see the Gargoyles.

And then we also had to do our Christmas shopping. We went into a shopping mall and split into two groups (so that we wouldn't see what each other were buying) and bought presents. As Dad did not like people to buy things for him, Joss and I worked on presents for him every time he went out by himself. On Christmas day, Joss and I basically ordered Dad to open the presents that we gave him. Joss gave him a comic of World Journal and I gave him a pop out book. I also gave Mom a stainless steel steam basket and Joss a Funfoam kit. I received a small stuffed pig (from Joss) three French books (from Mom and Dad) two bags of skittles and two Game Boy Games (from Santa).

We had a very nice time in Paris.


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