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France: Nice (February 12, 2002)

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We have now left our home in Crest forever and are on the road again. We are headed for Nice, to visit our friends Alexandra and Jean-Luke Mourey, whom we had seen at Bourg-En-Bresse. It was a very beautiful day.

When we got to their house, (Mom said that she knew it was the right house because she heard things falling over) Dad told us that we were going to go to the Mardi-Gras parade and carnival with Alexandra and Jean-Luke. It sounded fun. We began unpacking our bags (remember, these are not just backpacks with things for one day; we had to unload five big suitcases), which was especially hard because the front door was up a flight of stairs.

The Mourey's house was very strange. As I mentioned, the front door was on the second story, so the kitchen, living room, family room, and dining room were on the upper floor also, because nobody would like the front door to be in their bedroom. Because of this all of the bedrooms except one, which was Mom and Dad's, are downstairs. The house also had a piano, which made Joss very happy.

We decided to drive only half of the way to the parade and walk the other half because the parade was not supposed to be that far away. We parked our cars (the Mourey's van and our station wagon) in the garage of a hotel (which was legal) and then went outside. We crossed the street and began walking along the Mediterranean Sea.

After about half an hour and five hundred meters, Jean-Charles (Jean-Luke and Alexandra's dad) asked somebody if they knew how much farther it was until we got to the parade. The answer was five hundred more meters. We passed a large construction area where there were bulldozers digging a trench that was filled with water. Mom and I agreed that no fish would ever dare attack Nice because the trenches were going to be filled with sharks.

So we walked the five hundred more meters. But we still weren't there. Jean-Charles asked another pedestrian that was walking the other way from us how far it would be. The answer? Five hundred more meters.

By the time we finally got to the parade, it was almost over. On the way to it, Dad bought some cotton candy. We were originally going to buy tickets from close up, but they were out of tickets and we had to watch from behind a barrier.

There were lots of big floats, and we still had a good time. The subject of this parade was the Euro conquering the Franc, so there were also little people wearing Euro masks walking through the parade. There was also a large float that we didn't understand which had a big horn full of Euro coins. There were lots of flies on the horn, and behind it there was the devil. Dad guessed that the makers of the float thought that the Euro was evil and was the work of the devil.

After the parade was over, Alexandra wanted to go on a trampoline game where you did flips for five minutes. Jean-Luke, Joss and I decided to go on a fifteen-minute play area where we could play on some trampolines, go down a big inflated slide, and play in a bouncy chamber. On the way in we got pink bracelets so the owners could tell us when our fifteen minutes was up. Jean-Luke went off to play by himself, so Joss and I did a little bit of everything and ended with the trampolines. The last time we had seen one had been in New Zealand, and it was a lot of fun. Joss and I played a game where we were supposed to bounce on the trampoline hard when the other person was touching the trampoline, and the other player tries to dodge and attack at the same time. Dad came to tell us we had five minutes left, so we stayed on the trampolines. After a while Jean-Luke came over to the trampolines and played with us.

After we finished, Dad came to get us. We found out that our time had been doubled because the owners had extra time. The good side of coming late. We finally began to leave the carnival.

We went to a little candy booth and bought some candy. Joss got some gummy Smurfs, I got some apple rings and mom got roasted peanuts. This time we walked on the beach for a while, but then the beach ended and we had to go back on the sidewalk.

We repassed the trench construction and the workers didn't seem to have made any progress at all. We finally made it back to the garage where we parked our cars and went back to the Mourey's home. It had been a good first day and I am looking forward to the next few days that we are spending here.


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