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Mauritius (October 12, 2001)

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Mauritius is our first French-speaking country that weíve been to on this trip. It is on the east coast of Africa and is a little larger than Rarotonga. We are taking a vacation here after all the touring that we did in China. It is very interesting to be in a place where almost everybody speaks French, especially because my mom canít understand a thing (ha ha!).

There isnít a weather forecast for here, and I know why. It would be: wind, rain, sun, clouds, wind, wind, sun, rain, hail, clouds (yes, except for the hail, this is what the weather has been like).

Because of the weather we canít go swimming and we canít really go to the beach. We did take a submarine trip, and it was very fun (we even saw an old shipwreck!). It has been fun staying here.


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