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Denmark: Legoland (April 3, 2002)

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Denmark is where Lego was invented. In California, we had gone to Legoland several times. But it just didn't make sense to go to Denmark and not to go to the first Legoland ever.

It was sunny when we got to the front gate, but the wind was very strong, so it was still cold. We had to wait a while to get in because we had arrived early. But when I looked back, I was glad to have waited a little while instead of arriving at the end of the line and waiting half an hour. As we walked in, a man with a Lego parrot, a Lego sword and Lego epaulettes walked around.

As soon as I stepped in, I felt excited. I wanted to do everything at once, and I also wanted to make the day as long as possible. But I had to organize myself so I wouldn't blow up. Dad showed Joss and me the map and we decided to go to the other side of the park and try the brand new Lego Racers roller-coaster. On the way there I saw lots of things that I wanted to try.

When we got to the other side of the park and got to the Lego Racers ride, I changed my mind about the roller coaster. It looked scary: As soon as you started, you went down a gigantic hill into a steam filled cave, rocketed back up and zigzagged quickly several times until it got back to the beginning (just as a reminder I hate roller-coasters). Mom made me do it anyway.

After the horror-coaster, we went to the Jungle Racers, where we went into boats in pairs of two and raced around. I went with Joss, and he steered us clear of most of the water splashes a man was making. Then we took turns bombing the people.

We went to the Mindstorms building, and Joss and I did two things. First we went to the adventure robotics, where we had to program our robots to follow a black line and not hit the light on its left side. First, we chose our robot: Light-Bot, Shoot-Bot and Box-Bot. I chose Box-Bot, the robot that could "punch" with a Lego dart. Then I programmed it to follow a good path over to the dragon, and for it to punch at the heart to liberate the crystals. Next we did the Robot Sport, where we programmed our robot to throw, drop or let go of the ball into the goal.

After Mindstorms, we went on the Lego Driving School. It was more fun than the one in California because it had roundabouts and it had more things to do, like a two-way lane and a one-way road.

The other things we did there were: eat lunch at the Legoredo hot-dog stand, ride on a boat through pirate territory, go on a mining train, pull ourselves up on ropes on a lighthouse, make music with the Lego instrument fountain, walk through Miniland, and play at the "Eagle's Nest" playground.

Miniland is where many different places from around the world are copied, only in miniature Lego versions. At the playground, there is a puzzle where we had to find the wizard's treasure. There were six letters hidden around. An X meant that you were close to a letter. We found all of them: E, L, M, I, R, N. And what did it spell? M-E-R-L-I-N! We spelled it on the wooden pad, and behold: a golden egg appeared in an eagle's nest! Some of the more tricky letters to find were the M, which was made with rocks in the artificial river, and the back of a chair making an N.

It was sad to leave Legoland, and we had a lot of fun there, but it just makes me more excited about the other things we are going to do.


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