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Ireland (June 19, 2002)

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We are in Ireland, the last foreign country we will be going to. It is sad to think that our World trip is over. My idea is not to think that our World trip is over. Weather forecast for Ireland: most certainly will rain, with wind and lots of sheep.

Here we are at the Wicklow Mountains. A lot of the surrounding area is forest. Our car is a minivan, and it is much bigger than the car, and in the back there are little tray tables! The front yard of the B&B is a fun place to sword fight because there are big rocks to jump on.

We went to a catch and release fishing land called Angling for All (not that everybody can angle). Dad showed Joss and I how to cast our rods (actually, we just cast our lines, not our whole rods). So far so good. I tried, and guess what? My line snapped and flew across the lake. Just great, now I can catch the fish over there! Dad told me that I hadn't taken off the winder thing. After a while of practicing, (and after I got a new rod) I got really good at it. We stayed for two hours, but never caught a fish.

Then we went to Killiane Castle, a real castle. It doesn't look a lot like a castle from the inside, but it is still fun. There is a tennis court outside and Joss and I played at it when it was sunny.

We went to a glass blowing place called Waterford Crystal. We started with a film on it, and then went to the glass blowing room where people blew glass. They had to blow it into a mold to shape it, and then put the glass onto a conveyor belt. Then we went to the cutting section. The way they cut the glass is using wheels that spin really fast. They can make patterns like grids and palm trees by moving the glass over it different ways. We also went to the Dunbrody Ship, which is a model of a famine ship. Our tickets had names of people on them and we had to find the right bunk for them.

There was also the Hook Head Lighthouse, and there was a big wind. When we walked against it, it was almost impossible to move, but when we walked with it we went really fast. The Loftus Hall, which is right next to the lighthouse, is supposed to be haunted. We also saw lots of green bubbles in the water and being sprayed around by the wind.

At Kenmare, we went on a scenic drive at the Ring of Beara (there are three peninsulas, and we were at the middle one; and no, there are no bears on the Ring of Beara). Too bad it was raining. We picked up somebody who was walking there. When the rain cleared, we stopped for a stretch, and I saw the windy, windy road below us. Eek.

Then we went to the Burren. The Burren used to be under an ocean, and when it dried up, it left lots of limestone rocks. When we went there, Joss and I sword fought with our Carcassonne swords. We climbed around on the rocks while Mom and Dad looked at the Dolmen. A Dolmen is like a stone box, four flat plates of stone making a box and another one on the top. While we explored, Joss and I found lots of little Dolmens and some bones. We showed them to Mom and Dad. Mom said the bones were probably cow bones, and Dad said tourists made the little Dolmens. Joss kept asking if we were going to be famous. We also went to the Cliffs of Moher, and we sword fought some more. The cliffs were thousands of feet high, and Mom didn't like it.

At the B&B, there was a horse that had no name. I called it Raincloud because it looked like a cloud.

We went to Dublin, our last foreign city before we go to the U.S. We went to Trinity College to look at the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells had lots of pictures in it, because only churchmen back then could read. It was completely hand drawn, and each capital letter was different. Everything was very fancy.

We will be leaving Ireland soon, and it is exciting to think that we will be going back to the U.S. soon.


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