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Home (July 16, 2002)

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When we arrived at Emeryville station, Dawn, David, Keegan and Aunt Joanne were waiting. I felt really nervous about being home. We got all our suitcases and went to the parking lot. We got into our van-ours, not a rental one-and began driving home. It was a long drive, but it was fun to be somewhere familiar. When we began going up the exit to Cupertino (the city we live in), I got really excited about being home. Joss didn't recognize the exit, but he recognized our neighborhood. When we saw our house, I almost exploded.

There were two big WELCOME HOME! signs, one on our garage door and one on the front of the house. Joss and I burst out of the car as soon as it stopped. All of the flowers in the front yard were bigger than when we left. When we went inside, it felt empty because there was almost nothing in it. When Joss and I went into the back yard, we looked at how all of plants had grown. One of our vine plants had grown so much that it had wrapped itself around a wind chime.

We all got excited when I noticed that our grape plant had grapes on it. Joss and I climbed on our fort for a while, and then we went inside. I checked our bedroom, and came out saying "Eep." Joss and I played in the living room with Keegan, who was a lot bigger than when we saw him in Italy. He was crawling now, instead of just rolling around on the ground.

We spent the next few days getting things out of storage: two chairs went into the living room, the computers came outů Joss and I were playing with all of our toys. Dad found the computer games and we played those too. Dad got a photo printer, and Mom and Dad printed photos. Dad and I went to Target to get photo albums for all the photos we were printing off.

Joss and I played in the back yard. We had squirt gun fights and climbed around on our tree fort. Unfortunately Mom saw a rat in our back yard and we got a little nervous going outside in our bare feet. Actually, it hurts to go outside in our bare feet, because there are little spiky balls that weeds make, and there are thousands of them. And they stick to everything. I found one attached to an apple, and another one stuck to our hockey ball.

We went up to San Francisco with my cousin Eric up to Dawn and David's house. We were going there to help Dawn with her garden. I helped David make a chair for Keegan, and then we played with Keegan on their lawn. Eric was using a Super ball for one of Dawn's cats to catch. It picked the ball up, went to the top of the stairs and dropped the Super ball, watching it bounce all the way down, then went to get it again. We had Risole for dinner and then dropped Eric off at his house.

Dad has brought out some Lego, and it is fun to use the pieces other than the ones we have had for the last year. Joss and I are also playing with some Micro Machine toys.

It feels strange not to be changing places all the time and not be seeing all the new things, and it also feels weird to think that our World Trip is over.

We have seen lots of things on our World Trip, but it is still nice to be home. I hope we can travel some more soon and that we can see new things!


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