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Germany (January 2, 2002)

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Mom and Dad say that it is the coldest winter Germany has had in a century. The German language is very strange, especially since there are words like Priveparkingplatz. On our first night there, we had no groceries so we went to a McDonald's. Dad ordered our food (in German) and brought it back, with a tray liner paper.

It said: "The all American breakfast: a French croissant." Then it showed a picture of the croissant, with a very strange combination of German and American next to it:

"The lecker warm Croissant. Geschnitten in two Teile, this is very praktisch. So this is genug Platz for weitere leckere things."

Then it showed a picture of the cheese inside the croissant, with the German-English mixture:

"The first leckere thing: The Kase. A little bit angesschmolzen and this is very bequem for the Schinken. He can not fall out of the Croissant."

And last it showed the meat with the cheese inside the croissant:

"The second leckere thing: The Schinken. Saftig and in praktisch stripes geschnitten."

It was very funny.

We drove to Dad's friend Jayne's apartment and stayed in Jayne's friend Barb's apartment. We drove up to an ancestral village (our ancestors come from Germany), and Joss and I stayed in the car because it was snowing too hard.

After three days of staying in Barb's apartment, we drove to Gemünd and stayed in a timeshare. Joss and I played in the snow-covered playground for a while. There is a slide that I "ski" down because I can't sit on it. Mom, Dad, Joss and I had a four-way snowball fight. I was on top of the slide tower, throwing snowballs at Mom and Dad.

Then the day before New Year's Eve, we drove back up to Barb's apartment to celebrate New Year with Jayne. Joss and I helped walk Jayne's two dogs, Buster and Wiley. We then went to bed. Mom and Dad tried to wake us up at midnight, but we both refused to get out of bed.

The next day Joss got mad because Mom didn't take him out to see the fireworks. Dad took a picture of us with some brand new Euros, and then we went back up to Gemünd and are going to stay there for the next seven days. We are now halfway through our trip.


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