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France (December 13, 2001)

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Being in France is like Switzerland: cold and windy. It is nice to have a permanent home. We have set up a school schedule where we have four hours of schoolwork each. We earn two hours of fun time, which we can use to watch shows and to play on the computer. We also have recess outside. Joss and I play on swings when it is windy and cold, and go out on walks in the forest when it is warm enough. There are also two dogs, Plick and Mabelle, who live here. We also went to The Festival of Lights in Lyon. We watched a laser show and fire tricks. Joss and I went to a French school. We had a lot of fun there.

Joss is making a shop in the living room and has already made a tin can telephone. I have finished my cross-stitch of a dinosaur and a pig. Joss and I both share a room. Dad reads us The Lord of the Rings.

Another good thing about having a permanent home is that we can have homemade meals now. Of course, all of the cookbooks are in French, so Mom can't understand a thing she does unless Joss or I help her or unless she invents something. We are currently on a treasure hunt for brown sugar.


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