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France: Crest (February 11, 2002)

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We are spending our last few days in Crest. I find it hard to remember that this is not our real home, but just one that we are renting. Joss and I spent those last days playing on the tree swing, out in the woods, and with our neighbors, Loc and Zo.

On our last day in Crest, I went out to the woods to take some pictures. Then I helped Loc and Joss build a tree house with the branches that Loc's dad cut off of the tree. By the time we were done it was getting dark, and Joss or Loc could stand on the rough floor that we had made; I was too heavy.

Mom and Dad came over to us and said that they were going to be in the Grande Maison (technically, we are in the Petite Maison, even though it has about twenty rooms in it). Joss, Loc and I want into Loc and Zo's house. We played video games there, including 3-D Pac-Man and Astrix until Mom came to get us.

For our last meal in Crest we had Raclette, a weird little machine that melts cheese that you pour over potatoes and meat (we didn't eat the machine, we ate what the machine made). The next day we will leave.


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