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2018: We travel the Mississippi River on a paddle-wheel steamboat
(last updated September 23, 2018)

In August 2018, Gail and Russell celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary (four months late) by taking a one-month cruise all the way up the Mississippi River from New Orleans, Louisiana, almost to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Our vessel was the American Queen, a modern-day paddle-wheel steamboat.

2017: We lecture aboard a cruise ship
(last updated May 27, 2017)

In May 2017, Russell was invited by Princess Cruises as a guest enrichment lecturer aboard the Pacific Princess, as it made a 17-day journey through the Panama Canal from Los Angeles, CA to Fort Lauderdale, FL. Together, Russell and Gail presented a series of lectures titled “Adventure of a Lifetime,” about our family’s many adventures.

2003-2015: We build our own Home on top of a Mountain
(last updated October 13, 2015)

In the Spring of 2003, Russell, Gail, and our children Cameron (12) and Joss (10) purchased 50 acres of property on a mountain top in California’s gold country. In the fulfillment of yet another crazy fantasy (i.e., mid-life crisis), we decided to build an entire house by ourselves – without a General Contractor, and without any previous knowledge of house building. After two years of planning and waiting, we finally began construction in the Spring of 2005.

2014: We take a 180-mile tandem bike ride
(last updated May 31, 2014)

In May 2014, we shared a birthday adventure! Five years before, Russell made a 160-mile solo walk from our mountain home in California’s gold country to our primary residence in the Bay Area. This time, Russell and Gail made the trip together in celebration of both of our birthdays. And this time, we did it on a tandem bicycle.

2012: We take a one-month Trip around South America
(last updated March 19, 2012)

In February-March 2012, Russell and Gail celebrated being empter-nesters by taking a 30-day cruise aboard the Star Princess. We flew into Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The ship cruised down the east coast of South America to Cape Horn. It cruised back up the west coast through Central America and Mexico before landing in San Francisco, California.

2009: Russell takes a Walk… for 160 miles
(last updated June 10, 2009)

In May 2009, Russell celebrated his 50th birthday. In honor of this event, he walked from our mountain home in California’s gold country to our primary residence in the Bay Area – a total distance of 160.18 miles – over a period of 12 days. (As Gail said: “At least it’s better than him buying a red sports car.”)

2001-2002: We take a one-year Trip around the World
(last updated July 16, 2002)

In July 2001, Russell, Gail, and our children Cameron (10) and Joss (8) embarked on a one-year trip around the world. For this "once-in-a-lifetime" adventure, we took one suitcase and one backpack each, walked out of our front door, and did not return again until twelve months later.

We hope you have as much fun reading about our adventures as we had experiencing them!